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Special Resources
for the study of
Charles Peirce and his Work

Materials developed in research, teaching, and studying the work of Charles Sanders Peirce, made publicly available by their authors for general use by the international Peirce telecommunity.


Researchers and teachers often accumulate a variety of materials they use professionally as personal tools which are never otherwise made publicly available because there is neither the occasion to do so nor an available medium of communication appropriate to it:   useful definitions and analyses of terms, topical indices, interpretive notes, topically ordered quotes, fugitive lectures, illustrative graphics, argument strategies, critical points and possible rejoinders, and so forth. Much of this—which, before now, could only perish with its author—might be of great interest and use to others.
     Since a website functioning as a common resource center can easily accommodate materials of many different types and formats, and since storage space here is presently available for this purpose with no arbitrary restrictions, you might want to avail yourself of the opportunity to share with others some materials of this sort which you have yourself created or accumulated. Send a note [see just below] if you have some material you would like to contribute.

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