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C. S. Peirce in Other than English

Spanish, German, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Basque.

More to come. Там будет больше.

Peirce en Español / Peirce in Spanish

  • C. S. Peirce en Español.
    [C. S. Peirce in Spanish.] Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos (Peirce Studies Group), University of Navarra, Spain. This is not actually a book, but it might as well be a book — in more than one volume. The page lists, and links to, scores of translations of Peirce into Spanish by numerous people and assembled by Sara Barrena and Jaime Nubiola.
      All of the Spanish-translation books below are listed at one place or another at the G.E.P. website, eight of them near the end of the above-linked page along with comments.
  • Deducción, inducción e hipótesis. (D​I​L)
    [Deduction, Induction, and Hypothesis.] Translator: Juan Martín Ruiz-Werner. Aguilar, Buenos Aires, 1970, 90 pages. B.78.410. This translation of the article is online at G.E.P.; the book would seem to contain considerably more material.
  • Mi alegato en favor del pragmatismo. (A​F​P)
    [My Plea for Pragmatism.] Translator: Juan Martín Ruiz-Werner. Aguilar, Buenos Aires, 1971, 91 pages. BB.90.014. "My Plea for Pragmatism" was Peirce's unpublished combination (1903) of "The Fixation of Belief" and "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" along with a one-paragraph introduction itself published in Collected Papers 5 in a footnote on the same page as 5.358.
  • La ciencia de la semiótica. (C​S)
    [The Science of Semiotic.] Editor: Armando Sercovich. Translator: Beatriz Bugni. CISPEC. Nueva Visión, Buenos Aires, 1974; republished 1986, 116 pages. LEG. 111.499. This is the first Spanish-language collection with more than one or two articles. Details.
  • Lecciones sobre el pragmatismo. (L​P)
    [Lectures on Pragmatism.] Translator: Dalmacio Negro Pavó. Aguilar, Buenos Aires. 1978, 275 pages. BB.90.011. The preface and the translated lectures (with a substituted translation of Lecture 1 by Uxia Rivas) are available at G.E.P.'s webpage C. S. Peirce en Español.
  • Obra lógico-semiótica. (O​L​S)
    [Logico-Semiotical Work.] Editor & Foreword: Armando Sercovich. Prologue: François Peraldi. Translators: Ramón Alcalde, Mauricio Prelooker. CISPEC. Taurus, Madrid, 1987, 431 pages. B.78.571.
  • Escritos lógicos. (E​L)
    [Logical Writings.] Translator: Pilar Castrillo. Alianza, Madrid, 1988, 264 pages; republished 2007. B.78.570
  • El hombre, un sígno. (El pragmatismo de Peirce). (H​S)
    [Man, a Sign. (Peirce's Pragmatism).] Translator: José Vericat. Crítica, Barcelona, 1988, 428 pages. B.78.562.
  • Escritos filosóficos, vol. I. (E​F)
    [Philosophical Writings, vol.1.] Translator: Fernando Carlos Vevia Romero. El Colegio de Michoacán, Zamora, Michoacán, 1997, 406 pages. B.78.562. A translation of Volume 1 of the Collected Papers.
  • La fijación de las creencias. Cómo aclarar nuestras ideas.
    [The Fixation of Belief; How to Make Our Ideas Clear.] Translator: Lorena Villamil García. KRK Ediciones, 2007, 112 pages. Details.
  • La lógica considerada como semiótica: El índice del pensamiento peirceano.
    [Logic Regarded as Semeiotic: The Index of Peircean Thought. [There,"index" "table of contents"]] Translator: Sara Barrena. Madrid: Editorial Biblioteca Nueva, 2007. Details.
  • El Pragmatismo.
    [Pragmatism.] Translator: Sara Barrena. Ediciones Encuentro, 2008. Details.
  • El amor evolutivo: Y otros ensayos sobre ciencia y religión.
    [Evolutionary Love: And Other Essays on Science and Religion.] Translator: Sara Barrena. Marbot, 2010. Details.
  • Obra filosófica reunida, vols. 1 & 2.
    [Collected Philosophical Work [The Essential Peirce] vols. 1 & 2.] Translator: Darin McNabb. Revisions: Sara Barrena. Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2012. Details.

Peirce auf Deutsch / Peirce in German

Mostly from the German Wikipedia. More detail may be provided on these in the future
  • Charles S. Peirce. Über die Klarheit unserer Gedanken.
    [Charles S. Peirce: On the Clarity of Our Thoughts.] Klaus Oehler (Hrsg.). 3. Auflage. Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 1968. 1985: ISBN 3-465-01650-5.
  • Die Festigung der Überzeugung und andere Schriften.
    [The Fixation of Belief and Other Writings.] Elisabeth Walther (Hrsg.). AGIS, Baden-Baden 1986, ISBN 978-3-87007-005-2.
  • Schriften zum Pragmatismus und Pragmatizismus.
    [Writings on Pragmatism and Pragmaticism.] Karl-Otto Apel (Hrsg.). Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 1976, ISBN 3-518-06029-5 (enthält: "Zur Entstehung des Pragmatismus" und "Vom Pragmatismus zum Pragmatizismus").
  • Charles S. Peirce. Semiotische Schriften.
    [Charles S. Peirce: Semiotic Writings.] Christian Kloesel, Helmut Pape (Hrsg.). 3 Bände. Band 1 (1865–1903), Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main / Band 2 (1903–1906) 1990-12-01 / Band 3 (1906–1913) 1993-10-04.
  • Vorlesungen über Pragmatismus.
    [Lectures on Pragmatism.] Elisabeth Walther (Hrsg.). Meiner, Hamburg 1991, ISBN 978-3-7873-0984-9.
  • Charles S. Peirce. Phänomen und Logik der Zeichen.
    [Phenomenon and Logic of Signs.] Helmut Pape (Hrsg.). Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/Main 1993, ISBN 3-518-28025-2
  • Religionsphilosophische Schriften.
    [Writings on Philosophy of Religion.] Hermann Deuser (Hrsg.). Meiner, Hamburg 1995, ISBN 978-3-7873-1460-7
  • Naturordnung und Zeichenprozeß. Schriften über Semiotik und Naturphilosophie.
    [Order of Nature and Process of Signs: Writings on Semiotics and the Philosophy of Nature.] Helmut Pape (Hrsg.). Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/Main 1998, ISBN 3-518-28512-2
  • Das Denken und die Logik des Universums.
    [Translation of Reasoning and the Logic of Things.] Kenneth Laine Ketner, Hilary Putnam (Hrsg.). Translator: Helmut Pape. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/Main 2002, ISBN 3-518-58325-5

Peirceä suomeksi / Peirce in Finnish

  • Johdatus tieteen logiikkaan ja muita kirjoituksia.
    [Illustrations of the Logic of Science, and Other Writings.] (1867–1908, Finnish 2001.) Translator: Markus Lång. Osuuskunta Vastapainon, 2001. Details.
  • Mikä Merkki On?
    [What Is a Sign?] Translators: Mats Bergman & Sami Paavola. Ajatus 58, 2001, 9-19. Online copy at the Commens Virtual Centre for Peirce Studies at Helsinki University.
  • Kuinka käsityksiä muodostetaan.
    [The Fixation of Belief.] Translator: Markus Lång. Online copy at his website. Publication information is in Finnish in the article.

Peirce em Português / Peirce in Portuguese

Peirce en Français / Peirce in French

  • La Logique de la Science.
    [The Logic of Science.] Details.
    • Première Partie: Comment se fixe la croyance.
      [The Fixation of Belief.] Translator: C. S. Peirce. Revue Philosophique, vol. VI, December 1878.
    • Deuxième Partie: Comment rendre nos idées claires.
      [How to Make Our Ideas Clear.] Written first in French by C. S. Peirce. Revue Philosophique, vol. VII, January 1879 (written in 1877).
  • Écrits sur le signe: rassemblés traduits et commentés par G. Deledalle.
    [Writings on the Sign: Translated Together and with Comments by G. Deledalle.] Translator: Gérard Deledalle. Paris: Le Seuil, 1978. Details.
  • Textes anti-cartésiens: introduction et traduction des trois articles de 1868 et des deux articles de 1877-78 par J. Chenu.
    [Anti-Cartesian Texts: Introduction and Translation of the Three Articles of 1868 and of the Two Articles of 1877-78 by J. Chenu.] Translator: Joseph Chenu. Paris: Aubier, 1984. Details.
  • À la recherche d'une méthode.
    [In Search of a Method.] Translator: Gérard Deledalle. Champ Social Éditions, 1993. Details.
  • Le Raisonnement et la logique des choses: Les conférences de Cambridge (1898)
    [Reasoning and the Logic of Things: The Cambridge Conference Lectures of 1898.] Editing, commentary, introduction: K. L. Ketner and H. Putnam. Translators: Christiane Chauviré, Pierre Thibaud, Claudine Tiercelin. Cerf, 1995. Details.
  • Œuvres philosophiques.
    [Philosophical Works.] Series, established by Claudine Tiercelin and Pierre Thibaud.
    • Volume I: Pragmatisme et pragmaticisme.
      [Pragmatism and Pragmaticism.] Translators: Claudine Tiercelin, Pierre Thibaud. Cerf, 2002. Details.
    • Volume II: Pragmatisme et sciences normatives.
      [Pragmatism and Normative Sciences.] Translators: Claudine Tiercelin, Pierre Thibaud, Jean-Pierre Cometti. Cerf, 2003. Details.
    • Volume III: Écrits Logiques.
      [Logical Writings.] Translators: Claudine Tiercelin, Pierre Thibaud, Jean-Pierre Cometti. Cerf, 2006. Details.
  • Les textes logiques de C. S. Peirce du Dictionnaire de J. M. Baldwin.
    [C. S. Peirce's Logical Texts in J. M. Baldwin's Dictionary.] Translators: Michel Balat, Gérard Deledalle, Janice Deledalle-Rhodes. Champ Social Éditions, 2007. Details.
  • Traductions de textes de Charles S. Peirce.
    [Translations of texts of Charles S. Peirce.] Translator: Jean Fisette. Ten texts with references, posted by Fisette at his website. Link.

Peirce in italiano / Peirce in Italian

See "3.1 Litteratura primaria" at Bibliography at Centro Studi Peirce (Milan)
  • Scritti di filosofia.
    [Writings on Philosophy.] Translator: Luciano M. Leone. Introduction: William J. Callaghan. Bologna: Cappelli, 1978. Google says 339 pages.
  • La logica degli eventi.
    [The Logic of Events.] Translator: Rossella Fabbrichesi Leo. Milano: Spirali, 1989. Details.
  • Categorie.
    [Categories.] Translator: Rossella Fabbrichesi Leo. Roma-Bari: Laterza, 1992. Paperback. 178 pages.
  • Pragmatismo e oltre.
    [Pragmatism and Beyond.] Translator: Giovanni Maddalena. Milano: Bompiani, September 13, 2000. Edition. 288 pages.
  • Opere.
    [Works.] Translators: Massimo A. Bonfantini et al. Milano: Bompiani, February 26, 2003. Edition. 1,312 pages. Combines three previous anthologies:
    • Semiotica. I fondamenti della semiotica cognitiva.
      [Semiotic: The Foundations of Cognitive Semiotic.] Translators: M. A. Bonfantini, L. Grassi, R. Grazia. Torino: Einaudi, 1980.
    • Scritti di logica.
      [Writings on Logic.] Translator: Aurelia Monti, Firenze: La Nuova Italia, 1981.
    • Le leggi dell�ipotesi.
      [The Laws of Hypothesis.] Translators: M. A. Bonfantini, R. Grazia, G. Proni. Bompiani, Milano 1984. Edition. 304 pages.
  • Pragmatismo e grafi esistenziali.
    [Pragmatism and Existential Graphs.] Translator: Susanna Marietti. Jaca Book, October, 2003. Details.
  • Scritti Scelti di Charles Sanders Peirce.
    [Selected Writings of Charles Sanders Peirce.] Translator: Giovanni Maddalena. Turin: Unione Tipografico-Editrice Torinese (UTET) 2005. Details.
  • Esperienza e Percezione: Percorsi nella Fenomenologia.
    [Experience and Perception: Pathways in Phenomenology.] Translator: Maria Luisi. Pisa: E.T.S., 2008. Details.
  • Alle origini del pragmatismo: Corrispondenza tra C.S. Peirce e W. James.
    [On the Origins of Pragmatism: Correspondence between C.S.Peirce and W. James.] Translators: Marco Annoni, Giovanni Maddalena. Nino Aragno Editore 2011 Details.

パース - 日本語 / Peirce - Japanese

This webpage for "Peirce, Charles S. (Charles Sanders), 1839-1914" at the Library of Chiba University of Commerce includes a list of the five Japanese translations also listed at the Japanese Wikipedia. The Chiba page lists re-publications as well, and has links to pages on the individual works. The page also includes works in English. In the Google-Englished version of the page, the Japanese translations can be quickly distinguished by Google's well-meant but mismatched translation to "Perth" (an Australian city) of the Japanese rendition of "Peirce" (パース). One of the collections, Pragmatism (『プラグマティズム』 (the first and last characters are Japanese quotation marks)), also includes articles by James and by Dewey.

皮爾斯在中國的語言 / Peirce in Chinese

  • 皮尔斯文选 : Selected Writings of Charles Sanders Peirce.
    [Peirce Anthology: Selected Writings of Charles Sanders Peirce.] Translator: James Clement Leung. Social Sciences Academic Press (mainland China), 2006. Details.
  • 如何使我们的观念清楚明白
    [How to Make Our Ideas Clear.] One or two versions. See Details.

Peirce, Euskaraz / Peirce, in Basque

  • Charles S. Peirce. Artikulu eta hitzaldien bilduma.
    [Charles S. Peirce: Collection of Articles and Lectures.] Translator: Ibon Uribarri Zenekorta. Editor(?): Xabier Eizagirrea. Klasikoak, 2005. Details.



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