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1. New ideas about a Wold War III ( was: Re- posted message :Peirce triplets)



Subject: New ideas about a Wold War III ( was: Re- posted message :Peirce triplets)
From: "Alexandre" <
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 15:06:36 -0200
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Joe wrote:

From: "Joseph Ransdell" <

> For one thing, Alexandre, you can't use the categories to explain things
> that way. The categories are kinds of predicates, and if you want to
> explain something in the world then you have to use whatever the
> kind of predicate might be, but a category is a second order predicate, a
> predicate of a predicate, and cannot explain things in the way you are
> suggesting. Also, I am wondering why you think of it as explaining
> deflation rather than inflation, say, or something intermediate between
> them?

I'm really sorry, Joe, I wasn't skilled enough to expose it in a clearest
way. But, for our luck, the e-mail is fast and we can correct it in almost
no time.

From the begging I asked:

* Can deflation trigger a new Word War III ?

* Can Peircean grammar explain deflation ?

* If not, can we understand deflation in the context of firstness,
secondness and thirdness ?

And , in the second time I assign:

* Firstness => concupiscence of the goods;

* Secondness => the human race submitted inexorably to earthly attachments
and worldly desires;

* Thirdness => deflation.

*At least and in an animist way, just for the sake of argumentation, I
attribute intelligence to thirdness and name it The Devil.

Now, I will really need help from others in the list to figure out with ones
are the categories , that doesn't fit well with Peirce's ideas, so, we could
change then, and become able to apply the Peircean's philosophic tools to
the questions.

Best to all,



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